We are looking for a puppet maker to collaborate with us on our show REWIND.
We are interested to find an individual who could make a full body skeleton (size 5ft / 152cm), either naturalistic or stylised, not caricature. The puppet will be manipulated by 2 performers.
We welcome applications from anyone irrespective of gender identity, sexuality, ethnicity, age, disability, religion, or those from a lower socio-economic background. Please get in touch if there is anything we can do to remove any barriers to this application process.
We are looking for a team member who is comfortable:
- to create a puppet for a scene that has already been devised.
- working in a collaborative way, giving input and their own ideas whilst working with the needs of the show. 

Dates and Fee : This is a paid position. The deadline for the puppet is 5th of August 2022.
More About the performance: REWIND is a multidisciplinary performance that combines physical theatre, puppeteering and original live music. REWIND creates an universe, which combines the science behind Forensic Anthropology with fact-based stories of resistance. Inspired by testimonies of refugees whose lives were affected by dictatorship in 70s in Latin America and young adult migrants whose lives have been affected by human rights abuse in Latin America (2019-2021).
Forensic Anthropology became a science of resistance, methods of investigation were evolved in Latin America to find forced disappeared people during military dictatorship period. Through the analyses of injuries on bones, the science led a revolution in how human rights were investigated. Rewind unearth stories of victims in the search for justice. We put in perspective the past as we look at the future, placing empathy in the foreground of the work.

To register your interest: Please send us a short paragraph, video or a voice note (max 350 word / max 2min), which ever is most accessible for you, telling us a little bit about yourself and your work. Please also send us your CV and photos and/or a video that showcases your work (for example a showreel or a clip from a previous performance). 

Contact details for the application: Please send email application to ephemeralensemble@gmail.com 

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Wednesday 8th June, 12pm.

We will contact all candidates by the 10th of June. Selected candidates will be invited to a zoom chat on the 11th - 13th June (which ever time suites best