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About Ephemeral Ensemble

We are a migrant led international ensemble. We make work driven by a theme or question, which inspires us to find fact based stories that shine a light on current hidden social issues. We seek harmony in our work that comes from an extensive process, which oscillates between experimentation and research. Collaboration between the artistic team, the community and professionals in other fields is vital to our creative process.  

Our work is political, visually striking, highly dynamic, thought provoking, moving and satirical at heart. We don't lean on text to communicate with an audience. We combine the high physicality of the performers, original music and playful interaction with the stagecraft to create a narrative.

New Diorama's Emerging Theatre Company Program award  2016

New Diorama and Ideas Tap in 2016 Emerging Company fund award. 

“Lyn Gardner’s pick of the Fringe 2018” The Independent.

Summerhall's inaugural Rewind Award  2023 ( The award was aptly named after our show REWIND)

Warwick Award for Public and Community Engagement 2023

LUSTRUM Award for unforgettable work at Edfringe 2023

"Physical Theatre at its finest” Everything Theatre. ★★★★★ 

"This how theatre should be”Broadway Baby. ★★★★★

"Ephemeral Ensemble use music, light, movement and puppetry to astonishing effect" The Guardian ★★★★

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