We are an International Physical Theatre Ensemble. We make work led by a theme or question in relation to a form, which inspires us to find fact based stories and events that shine a light on current social issues. Our work is visually striking, highly dynamic, though provoking, moving and satirical at heart. We don't lean on text to communicate with an audience. We combine the high physicality of the performers, original music and playful interaction with the stagecraft to create a narrative.

We seek harmony in our work that comes from an extensive process, which oscillates between experimentation and research. As well as collaboration between the artistic team, the community and professionals in other fields.   

Quote for Ephemeral Ensemble:


"Physical Theatre at its finest. Unmissable!...The hairs on the back of my neck, all the way down my spine and along my arms stood straight up” Everything Theatre. ★★★★★

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