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CARSICK transposes extraordinary testimonies from Taxi drivers into a innovative physical theatre performance. 

Sam lives in a collision of reality and dream. Working as a taxi driver, he invites you to take a seat in his car and embark on a journey. A dark comedy on working class immigrants in the race to pursue their dreams.


Carsick is a work - in - progress, showcased at the Pleasance Theatre in 2016.

This performance was developed with support from iRide London, Forth Monkey, New Diorama and Pleasance Theatre.




Directors: Eygló Belafonte & Ramon Ayres
Performers: Ramon Ayres & Eyglo Belafonte
Sound composition: Alex Paton
Voice over: Taxi drivers from iRide London
Light design: Malachy Orozco
Set, prop and Costume composition: Ephemeral Ensemble
Mentor: Giorgina Roberts
Photographer: Mathew Hodgkin
Video: Larissa Moleti &Pablo Gaiger 

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