In collaboration with Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, we have been adapting fact-based stories of resistance into a physical theatre performance. We have been inspired by testimonies from refugees, whose lives were affected by dictatorship in Latin America in the 70's and young adults migrants, whose lives have been affected by the current situation in Latin America. 

The testimonies have led us to research about Forensic Anthropology. This science became an act of resistance. Methods and techniques were developed and evolved in Latin America with the urge to find disappeared people and people killed by the state during military dictatorship period. Through the analyses of injuries on bones, the science led a genuine revolution in how human rights were investigated. 

We have been actively involving people, communities  and audience to our creation process:

30th JAN - 6th FEB : Online sharing of our R&D, followed by a Q&A with the artistic team and Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes.

19th JUN - Live performance sharing of our R&D, followed by a Q&A at Belgrade Theatre (Coventry), the event was part of Coventry City of Culture 2021, Coventry Welcomes. 

25th - 26th JUN - Live performance sharing of our R&D at Unity Theatre (Liverpool). The event is part of Physical Fest.



Director: Ramon Ayres / Performers: Alex Paton, Andres Velasquez, Eyglo Belafonte, Josephine Tremelling, Louise Wilcox / Sound composition: Alex Paton / Light design: Josephine Tremelling /  Dramaturgy: Alex Paton, Andres Velasquez, Eyglo Belafonte, Josephine Tremelling, Louise Wilcox, Ramon Ayres / Dramaturgy assistance: Lou Cope / Research Team: Professor Alison Ribeiro de Menezes, Postdoctoral Researcher Marije Hristova / Co- devisers: Alex Paton, Andres Velasquez, Caterina Grosoli, Eyglo Belafonte, Josephine Tremelling,  Louise Wilcox / Photographer: Mathew Hodgkin / Filmmaker: Alice Underwood 

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